Steam Nintendo XBox Playstation
It's his birthday today! And tomorrow. And yesterday. Every day is his Birthday because he's always born today.
Had her kingdom stolen from her by a cat. Her hair used to be blonde, but now she's so filled with revenge that it turned bright red.
Invented taekwon-Jitsu and started her own clothing brand. Entrepreneur/Martial Artist/Top 30 under 30.
Just woke up from hibernation. He doesn't remember where or when he went to bed. Definitely wasn't on this TV set.
Captain Hat
is absolutely not hiding male pattern baldness under his Hat. "NO I'M NOT OVERCOMPENSATING OKAY?!" (Geez this guy needs to calm down).
Dark Bday
Wait what? Who’s this. What happened to birthday? Usually you don’t survive after your hat is crushed
Feels no remorse. and why should he? He’s running a profitable business. Kidnapping Hatlandians is hard work you know.
Washing Machine
This Washing Machine is TIRED of being yelled at and TIRED of doing Fatcat’s laundry.